Vertical scrolling (scrolling)Because smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular, vertical scrolling is more catching than the usual extensive menu as on mobile devices to view the site much easier to scroll than to poke a finger in the drop-down menu.

This is especially important on a home page of a website where developers try to accommodate the maximum possible amount of useful information to attract potential customers.

In the past year had been extremely popular one-page websites with vertical scroll. It was convenient for sites of small and medium-sized companies, business sites. Continue reading

30+ tools for web design every day

Subtle Patterns – great online collection of templates for an “infinite” background for the website. And all this beauty – for free.

Stripe Mania – a free web application that allows you to create background images of “striped”. You can use up to 5 combinations of colors with different width and distance between stripes in the background.

Stripe generator – online-service for fast creation of images to use as background images on the website.

Colour lovers – huge selection of colors, palettes and patterns to create background images. You can still add custom backgrounds to the collection, accessible to users worldwide. Continue reading

Studio web design: creating web site designs. Design Studio websitesProper creation web design plays a crucial role in the future life and efficiency of the Internet resource. Because the first thing visitors look is how the site is designed, how attractive it is. And if the web site design they don’t like they’re getting away with it without reading a single line placed on it text. The design is largely judged on the company, because the site is a person that always has to look great. It’s like the facade of a regular store than attractive he is the more customers will want to visit.

The Studio of web design “WebGIS” developing websites with exceptional design. Modern and attractive. Turning to us, clients choose originality, creativity, ease for visitors. Continue reading

The user simply selects a scaleCustom adaptability. The user simply selects a scale, he chooses the drill. Adequate solution for those who don’t like that the adaptive version to decide where the element should be placed. Example.

Animated icons. The trend, recently included in Vogue. Will be live in 2015-ohms.

Minimalism, sites in gray scale. The trend really came to Russia, we still believe that it ‘the designer does not work”. There is hope that quality examples of such work will appear in the 2015th. Continue reading

The use of the author's professional photosToday most web designers use images and photos from resources of open access, at least from the photo Bank.

This significantly reduces development costs, but dramatically affects the uniqueness of your website. In addition, in the future you may encounter problems with the copyright of the image.

Agree that a staged photo made by a professional especially for you, will not only meet your wishes, but also more accurately reflect the objectives of your website.

And photos of your employees, posted on the website, will be more like a gallery and not on the stand “They wanted by the police”.

8. The transforming modules and menus Continue reading

Authorization through social networksMorph. One of the main trends of 2015, changing the shape/color/size of buttons, inputs depending on the change of their purpose. One of the first examples of — “spoiled” search field on the Apple website. In the same AppStore button download becomes the progress bar, and then — the button to launch the application. Another example.

Principle: one act — a lot of interactions. This includes, for example, the site navigation and starting the animation with scrolling. The principle corresponds to the reception morphing — the user in fact clicks in the same place, but it gets different effects. The slide switches “forward/backward” near, and not in different parts of the screen — too.

Principle: a lot of action — one interaction. The design moves that he tries not to force the user “game rules”. A pop-up window can be closed by clicking past it, click on “the cross”, by pressing any key on the keyboard (except arrows), the scrolling of the mouse, etc. the Example gallery. operating on this principle. Continue reading