5 examples of flat web designNow, when the tendency to form flat or “flat” design of websites is widespread, we have selected for you 5 great examples of its application. But first remember why “flat” design for the last few years has become, de facto. synonymous with modern web design .

What is so good “flat” design?

In the first place. minimalism as an integral part of flat design provides a concise means of expression and clarity of composition. Here it is appropriate to recall the main slogan of minimalism — “Nothing in excess!”. Getting rid of the excessive decorations and graphic effects that mimic the properties of real objects, the interface has become more “digital”.

Secondly, a web page with a “flat” design focuses on good typography. It can be argued that the active development of web typography came together with a “flat” design. On the foreground of the content, and this is extremely important in today’s flow of information.

Thirdly, a web page with a “flat” design deprived of a large number of visual effects and accordingly have a smaller size. This feature of flat design we used for creating adaptive versions of the sites, because simple shapes are easier to load and display on the screen a variety of mobile devices. Using these characteristics of “flat” design, you can solve a number of important tasks on your website. Let’s look at good examples of “flat” design challenges it helps to solve in these pages.

Examples of “flat” web design

As a first example, a website about the benefits of the smart scooter. Its feature is the flat design in combination with great photos in the style of Apple products. Pure white color, gray metallic, deep black-and – blue create a sense of adaptability and novelty. Clear images and fonts enhance the effect of the color. Easy animation website adds to the dynamism and liveliness. An important part of the page are small diagrams and infographics, which explain and show the benefits of their scooter on facts.

Classic “flat” design: major headings, buttons and flat contrast pictures. This design is very suitable for your selling “landing” pages. Illustrations made in the same style using the same color palette that enhances the integrity of the site. Thanks to the scrolling animation page to learn interesting and easy. In this website I want to share with friends, this is a definite plus for any website.

Popular area for accommodation booking Airbnb in 2014 conducted a large-scale redesign. Flat UI web design got rid of gradients and shadows and a better job of presenting information to the user. The site uses flat elements of forms and a minimum of colors. Large photos help solving the main problem of the new design — make it easy for users of service of the decision on booking the property.

Publishing service portfolio that is oriented towards all creative professionals. The website features a good selection of bright colors, flat icons and a large flat button. Overall looks minimalistic and simple, evoking the feeling of a reliable and affordable service. Clean and tidy page allows the user to easily understand the content and meaning of a page, without distracting superfluous visual effects.

News site in a flat minimalist design, which has set an important goal — to explain the news. Recognizable design using just a few colors and large photographs create a memorable style. On the main page, thanks to flat design, the user spends less time on the choice for his news. Large typography and grid are ideal for reading news and articles on your website.

Does your website need definitely “flat” design? Although the website appearance is a matter of taste, we cannot deny the obvious benefits “flat” web design. We have extensive experience creating websites with “flat” design and are always happy to create a good flat design for you. Our team of designers is ready to conduct a study and to help select a graphics solution for your website.