26 trends in web design 2015, 12 outgoing trends 2014This collection of trends in web design that will be relevant in 2015. As well as the trends of 2014, which has exhausted itself and will gradually come to naught. We rely not only on subjective judgment, and analysis. Splitting criteria trends for a “urgent” and “losing position” will score on a scale of “useful/useless for the user”.

In the history of web design trends that was really useful, got accustomed, have become the standard (as, for example, one proposed rule “click on the logo leads to the home page” — solid standard for web developers today). Such trends will live on.

There were also trends that have emerged simply because this facilitated the development of technologies and design ideas in General. This trend was, for example, fashion in 2000’s “glass” button. Such trends are quickly dying, replaced by other (often contrasting with the previous one).

What trends of web design will be relevant in 2015 th

“Material design”, the new Google paradigm . Flat adds just enough realism to make the interface “speaking”, gives tips to the users how they should act. The animation also serves the mission.

Effects “volume” with a flat design. The appearance of most items will remain “flat”, will focus on their realistic animations.